Mind on my Melanin: It’s Not Just Sadness: Mind On My Melanin Part 2

Listen in to this collaborative episode, Sharmane aka Mixed Girl Mane is joined by Jhavia Nicole of Black Radical Queer to bring you Mind On My Melanin, a segment that focuses on how mental health issues impact people of color. On this MOMM segment, we explore depression and how we each experience it. Part 1 of this segment can be found on Black Radical Queer

Be on the lookout for more MOMM segments! And if you have topics you would like covered on Mind on My Melanin, tweet at us @MindonmyMelanin

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Music by: David Bogan, the One – https://www.dbtheone.com/

Music for the Mind on My Melanin Segments is by Yung Kartz

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